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     Born and raised in Northern California, Chris Knight was always a risk taker. Riding dirt bikes since the age of five he had grown a true passion and respect for the sport. From racing them on the tracks to riding in the mountains.

     Always looking for the bigger and better things in life Chris Knight had big dreams and goals for himself. Though he loved the art of concrete he did not want to be stuck in that life forever. He wanted more. Much, much more. 

     In 2007 Chris Knight had a little boy, Carson, whom had changed him in so many ways. In 2009 Chris Knight met his wife Tabitha. In 2014 Chris had an idea come to him that would change his life yet again. Action Sports Rentals was created. With so much pride he had jumped through hoops to make this business a success. Every day he was thinking of new ideas and ways to make it better. After 10 years of being together they had increased their family by adding a little girl, Tessa.  

     Chris Knight loves what he does and enjoys the regular renters that Action Sports gets every year. Meeting new people every day and becoming friends with some on the way. Chris will always make sure he doesn't fail at anything. He is always looking at the glass half full and there is always room for success! This is why I am so thankful, grateful and oh so blessed to call him my husband and my best friend. Very proud of how far you have came. 


​                                                      -Tabitha Knight